4 Vacuum Cleaner Safety Tips

It might seem like a Vacupro vacuum cleaner is a somewhat innocuous home appliance but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Honestly, many people overlook several of the potential hazards inherent with owning a vacuum cleaner; probably because most people accept them as appropriately innocuous.

It is important, though, to take proper care of a vacuum cleaner as improper care and use can lead to malfunction and even physical danger.  As such, here are a few safety tips you might want to remember, if you own a vacuum cleaner.

TIP #1:  Carry It By the Handle

No duh, right?  But seriously, it is very easy—particularly in a hectic family home—to forget about rules like this and to carry hand tools like this by their cords. Or, perhaps, some might pull them by the cord to yank them out of the way, etc. Regardless of the reason, this is a bad idea.  You should never pull on the cord of any electronic device. When you remove a plug from the wall, too, always pull from the plug end and not from the cable itself.

TIP #2:  Always Use A Proper Extension Cord

Vacuum cleaner cords are already pretty long but if you do need an extension cord, make sure that it is of the same quality as the cord of the vacuum cleaner. Also, vacuum cleaner cords typically have a ground, so you should use an extension cord that accommodates this.  Also, make sure the extension cord you use is in good condition.


TIP #3:  Check the Brush Roller for Tangles

Vacuum cleaners extract dirt and debris through suction but much of the work is also performed by the roller brush on the underside of the carriage.  The roller not only collects dust and dirt, too, but also can gather things within its brushes. In addition, though, because it turns, things can get tangled in the roller.  If you don’t check this regularly it might result in an odd smell; that will tell you to check the roller. If you manage to get out the tangle in time you won’t have to replace the roller brush (but even if you do, it’ll probably only set you back $25.

TIP #4: Indoor Machine vs Outdoor Machine

Some vacuum cleaners are designed specifically for wet jobs and some are better for deep carpet cleaning. Make sure that you always use the appropriate type of vacuum cleaner for the job or to use the appropriate setting on the machine if yours has optiosn like that available.