5 Tips about Choosing Installers for Solar Panels

Before choosing a solar panel installer for your home or business, there is the need to conduct a proper research into the company or contractor who would be handling the installation to ensure high quality service delivered.

Considering the fact that buying and installation of solar panels whether for the home or business is a solid investment, there is the need to make sure that all things, ranging from the material to the installer are right and of high quality. Seeing as the market is flooded with installers claiming they are the best at what they do, it has become increasingly harder to pinpoint the actual quality contractors who are both skilled, well trained and experienced.

Not knowing what to look for in your solar panel installer may out you at risk of awarding your project to a fraud and as such, below are some tips aimed at guiding you to choose the best solar panel installation company similar to NRG Upgrade.

Tip 1: MSC Certified

When choosing a solar panel installer, certification is key as this is the mark of quality in a solar panel installer. A contractor who is not certified is probably a fraud and should not be awarded the project. Installers need to be certified by MSC. Hiring installers who are not MSC certified means that you will at no point qualify for the Feed-in tariff and receive payments. A good solar panel installer is MSC accredited and also may be a member of the Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (REAL), or the Solar Trade Association (STA). When choosing an installer, be sure to ask whether or not they will be subcontracting your project to other firms.

Tip 2: Home Visit

The installer of your choice must be able to make time to visit the home or business needing the solar panel installation. The visit is aimed at deciding on the best units and how well to incorporate it in the building while giving valuable suggestions which are aimed to make the project a masterpiece. As a rule of thumb, avoid solar panel installers who will not take time out to check on the building and evaluate its specific needs and requirements.

Tip 3: Ask for References

When choosing a solar panel installer, one of the best ways of getting the best contractors to handle the job is by asking friends, family, colleagues at work and others for possible references of people whom they have worked with in the past. This reference saves you the stress of having to make major selections and narrowing down the contractor choices.

Tip 4: Warranty

When choosing a solar panel installer, you want to be sure you’re being provided with top notch services and as such should expect two types of warranty. Warranty on the solar panel materials employed by the contractor and warranty on the installation service provided. Ideally, the average warranty offered for solar panels is around 20 years but this may be shorter depending on the manufacturer and other factors. I addition, the storage batteries comes with a warranty of about 5-10 years.

Tip 5: Understand the Quotations

When planning on installing solar panels, it is important to request quotation from more than one installation contractor to compare the prices and service packages offered. While the lowest priced may not necessarily offer the best service, it is important that you choose an installer who offers services which meets your needs.