Common Home Repairs After a Home Inspection

As a home inspector, I’ve literally have inspected thousands of homes and commercial properties. I’ve been involved in many more transactions. So if it’s one thing I know, it’s the common home repairs after a home inspection.

Of the many home inspections in Tulsa that I’ve performed, a vast majority needed repairs, even newly constructed homes. Here are several common home repairs I see as a home inspector.

Probably the most common repair I see that Sellers need to fix is drainage and lanscaping issues. Especially in more established neighborhoods.

Your lot is suppose to have a slope away from the foundation or at least sub surface drains that will remove runoff away from your home. Many don’t and this can be costly.

Right up there with poor drainage are homeowners who allow vegetation/shrubs/trees to grow up next to their homes.

Tree roots can damage your foundation, even small ones. Then the limbs can damage your home or roof. Storms can whip limbs to and fro and cause severe damage. Shrubs growing up against your home can allow insects to enter your home. Trim them away at least 6 inches, a foot is even better.

Another common home repair I see in older homes are outdated/recalled electrical panel boxes. The ones with orange and black breakers (most common colors) labeled as FPE brand are the most common ones. These older breakers and panel boxes are known to have problems. Just look them up on Uncle Sams Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website.

Another common repair I see is the Seller having old appliances at, or near, the end of their life cycles.

“Well, it’s running isn’t it?” Is something I hear a lot of real estate agents spout off when I mention the heating/air, water heater or other appliance is old.

The problem with these appliances is that they’re old and stop working without a warning. You wake up freezing because the furnace stopped or no hot water because the water heater sprang a leak is is dumping water all over your home.

Not fun! I’m one of the few home inspectors I know in my area that call out these old appliances. Let’s face it, water heaters over 10 years old, HVAC systems over 15 are at or near the end of their normal service life.

Will the last longer? Sometimes, sometimes not!

Who wants to buy a home and then turn around and drop loads of money into new appliances? Yea, I didn’t figure you did, and neither does most home buyers!