Culinary Incubators: The Best Choice for Small Caterers to Prepare Food

The very first question that comes to your mind before starting a catering company is the space where the company is to be established or where you can prepare food. However, most of the times, caterers decide to cook in their own kitchen and opt for transporting it once it is prepared.

What’s Wrong With Preparing Food In Residential Kitchen?

As per the health ministry, it’s not safe selling the food items prepared in residential kitchen as the same doesn’t get licensed and inspected by the health department. It’s not legal to operate kitchen without NSE approved equipment, meeting certain plumbing and electrical requirements, and other food safety codes relating to cooler temperatures and shelf heights. These are the requirements that a standard residential kitchen can’t meet.

Earlier, caterers who wanted to abide by the rules of health department used to rent a kitchen from a church or restaurant for preparing their food items. Churches have been a great partner for this because their kitchen is not much used and are quite big, which allow caterers to prepare food easily.

Restaurants are a bit hesitant in lending their kitchen to caterers as they have to allow others to their kitchen for preparing food. There are only small spare spaces offered to caterers in restaurants that too only in few cases.


Commercial Kitchens

If you are also a caterer and looking for a commercial kitchen space called as culinary incubator, your search ends at East End Incubator Commercial Kitchens. Such kitchens are meant for small business owners, who are generally looking for a small kitchen space to prepare food for marriage functions or parties.

Some facilities have space available for renting so that events and parties can be arranged. Such facilities are essentially a banquet hall type set up with   open food services.

Benefits of Culinary Incubators

Culinary incubators are available with low hourly rates for business owners where they can legally and conveniently prepare food in an inspected and licensed kitchen. The rental charges are around $15 per hour or so.

Many of these kitchens are found in non-profit making business development centers, which don’t work for making money, but for fostering the growth of small business organizations. These incubator kitchens are a great way for small business owners to start their business with small cash outlay.

Is It Right For You To Go For A Culinary Incubator?

Culinary incubators are a great choice for small business owners, who are into food making and catering. The culinary incubators work for them as these provide the required space at the most affordable prices.

These are perfect for business start ups that don’t have enough funds for investing to build a kitchen on their own. Culinary incubators allow small businesses to go ahead without incurring enormous overheads of maintaining and managing a licensed kitchen.

These are the best for low economic situations as they allow caterers to cut on the kitchen working hours, but still staying in business at reduced charges for meeting low demand.