Dealing with a Plumbing Emergency in Toronto

Waking in the middle of the night to find that the downstairs of your property is flooded is one of the worst nightmares to most people and even businesses.  Although water can be removed, furnishings rarely recover properly and items of a sentimental nature are usually lost and damaged for good.  Alongside the instant feeling of dismay will be the confusion of not knowing what to do first.  In fact, it can be so disorientating that many people do not even think to look for a damaged pipe and shut the water off.

Anyone based in Toronto can contact Lemarg Inc and obtain instant piece of mind.  This firm will offer a professional and prompt response; they will help you deal with your emergency plumbing in Toronto without causing any further damage to your personal possessions.


There are several key steps to follow when dealing with a plumbing emergency in Toronto:


The first thing you should do, if possible, is locate the leak.  This may be difficult if the pipe is inside the walls of your home.  If you can locate the leak you should be able to shut the water off at a nearby valve.  If this is not possible you will need to shut the water off at the main stopcock which is outside the house.

This will prevent the leak from spreading any further.

Emergency Response

Once you have stopped the water filling up your home you can contact the emergency line at your regular plumber or a dedicated plumbing response firm.  They will then be able to attend your property and can assess the damage.  If you have been unable to shut off the water they will.  In addition they may be able to either repair the damage or isolate the faulty area to provide you with water in the rest of your home.


Once the initial dram has passed and the excess water has been removed you will need to add some industrial dryers into the room.  These often work by sucking moisture from the air whilst pushing cold air out.  This has proven to be one of the most effective ways of drying anything.

This part of the process is not usually quick; it can take several days to fully dry large pieces of carpet or furniture.  You will then need to decide if it is worth saving any of these items.  Even if they are dried properly they may be stained or retain the smell of the water; depending upon which plumbing pipes burst.


Your home insurance should cover issues like this.  You will need to contact them as soon as possible to ensure you comply with all their demands.  They usually like to look at the damage to confirm it relates to the incident you said it did.  You will then receive some funds; this will hopefully be enough to replace the damaging furnishings.  The only thing left to do at this stage is start again and hope you do not have another plumbing emergency.