Do Walls Get Damaged by Wall Stickers?

Decorating your room with a wall sticker is very encouraging, but whenever you think about will that leaves a mark on your wall, at that point you get discouraged. This is a question that strikes most of the people who want to put wall stickers on their walls, and who wouldn’t think about that, especially if he or she is living on a rented house. But there are quality and cheap wall sticker, which wouldn’t harm your wall.

Wall stickers: Good and Bad

You are going to get wall stickers in all shapes and sizes and colors and materials. But there are a lot of companies which uses cheap materials that are not fit for your wall. So, the first thing you need to do before putting on a wall sticker in your room is to find out the quality of the material and the glue used in them.

Here are two questions you need to answer before buying a sticker:

  • Type of glue used: Glues for indoor use and for outdoor use are different. Indoor glues are less strong compared to outdoor glues, but some companies use glues of a very strong kind for the indoor wall stickers. If the glue is very strong of your wall sticker, you are going to have really hard time at the time of removal of the wall sticker and when removed will leave a permanent mark behind on the wall.
  • The material on which wall sticker is printed: Polyester, PVC, or paper stickers are the types of wall stickers you normally find when you go to buy one. PVC is used largely because they are cheap and have an elastic feature. They are tough to remove from the wall. More notorious are the paper wall stickers. The laminated part of the sticker will separate from the glue leave traces of paper on your wall. Polyester stickers are the good ones, for example, photo frame wall sticker. They are more rigid and won’t get stretched or get bend while being removed from the wall, leaving the wall as it was without any marks or leftovers.