Few Ways to Modify Your Whiskey Barrels into An Useful Item

Many of you must be having whiskey and wine barrels at your home for storing and fermenting whiskey and wine, which are no longer in use. Why don’t you modify them into some different item by taking help of your carpenter and make it a very good item that can be utilized for various uses.

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Here are few ways to give you an idea how you can convert these whiskey barrels:

  • Create a pub table

Just get a round tabletop and place it over the whiskey barrel. You will get a wonderful pub table around that you can create few chairs out of the cut pieces remaining from the barrel. You can enjoy your drink sitting around the table with your friends.

  • Outdoor table

You can also create an excellent table that can be placed in your lawn or the courtyard. You can put few flowerpots on the top of the table and the base will be the barrel drum. It will give very decent look to the outdoors of your house.

  • Trunk

You can cut the barrel from midway and then make a suitable stand out of wood on which you can place the cut-out portion of the barrel. You can also make a wooden cover for it and use it as a trunk to store various items that you have to store in your household.

  • Create a mini bar

By suitably modifying your whiskey barrel, you can make a cabinet inside the barrel and also provide a top over it. The cabinets inside the barrel can be used for storing your whiskey and wine bottles.

  • Trash can

Whiskey barrel is an ideal material to modify it into a very attractive looking trash can with very little modification. You have to make a round lid for the trash can that should match with the barrel wood.

  • Bathtub for your kids

It is possible to modify your whiskey barrel into a small bathtub for your kids, who can enjoy the experience of small bathtub.

  • Rustic sink for your bathroom

It is possible to create round sink on top of the whiskey barrel and place it in your bathroom. Your bathroom will get a rustic look.