How To Renovate Your Restaurant With Ease

Do you want to increase your sales? Bring in more customers? Maybe charge a little more? Then it may be time to renovate your restaurant! But as many of us know, this is a big investment and there are many things to consider when deciding to go for it.

What Are You Trying To Achieve?

Are you going for a rebrand? Updating your decor? Do you want to install more seating or a bar? Before going forward with the process, you will want to make certain of what your goals for the renovation.

Establish Brand Personality

Do you want your restaurant to be serious and refined or carefree? Do you want a theme, like a tiki theme if you are located next to a beach? This is an important detail you want to make as consistent as possible. It would be odd to have a fine dining tiki restaurant on the beach, now wouldn’t it?

What Is Trending In Interior Design?

Just like how clothing fashion changes, so does interior design! You will notice that a home in the 70’s looks very different from one in 2018. The same goes for restaurants. Unless your restaurant’s theme is the 70s, you do not want the design to be from the 70s. Look into industry trends or consult a designer experienced in dealing with restaurant design and the challenges that comes with it.  

What About Your Customers?

You definitely do not want your renovation to cause you to lose customers. Find out which target customers you would like to bring in. If you are looking to bring in a younger crowd, opt for a more casual atmosphere with lower prices. Poll the locals and find out what they think. Do they think the restaurant is outdated? If they do, use this information to drive rebranding and introduce a more modern design.

Get The Best Bang For Your Buck!

Now it is time to get the renovation process started! Start by picking out simple pieces that can transform the atmosphere almost instantly. This can include lighting, finish trim, paint, furniture, or even just a deep cleaning, all without making a big investment.  Budgets can quickly get out of hand when bigger projects like plumbing and new walls are involved.

Factor In How Long You Will Be Closed For Renovations

It is obvious that during construction, you will not be bringing in any revenue since operations will be shut down. So that the renovation can end as soon as possible, gather all of your elements from furnishings to paint before starting. Schedule your remodeling for slow seasons and have a backup plan if something goes wrong.

When done correctly, a renovation will give your restaurant an updated look and increase sales and traffic.