Learn All About Asbestos Survey And Its Different Types

To live a safe and healthy life, it is important that our surrounding is free from the harmful asbestos material. One of the ways to ensure it is by conducting a survey of asbestos. This survey is generally performed within a property, building, or structure to find any presence of asbestos. There are different types of this survey.

What is the need of performing survey of asbestos?

Use of asbestos in any form was banned in the year 2000. It was believed that all those buildings and structures that were made before this time, could have asbestos in it. Due to this reason this survey is conducted.

“Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations” has made this survey an essential requirement to figure out presence of asbestos containing materials at a place. This step was taken by the US Government to save employees and workers from its adverse impact on the health of people. In some cases, presence of this material also gave rise to dangerous consequences like work related deaths.

Types of survey

An asbestos survey is a key step towards establishing the presence of asbestos at a place. There are generally two types of asbestos survey that are conducted at a place. They are mentioned below as:

Management Survey

This survey is required for normal building occupation. It is a none-intrusive survey that finds the presence of materials that contain asbestos that could hamper normal activities. The purpose of performing this survey is to figure out asbestos prone materials that are required to be managed at the time of normal building occupation.

Refurbishment and Demolition Survey

This survey is needed for construction work. It is needed in all those areas that are impacted by the construction work such as refurbishments, upgrades, or demolition. The basic motive of doing this intrusive survey is to identify all asbestos containing materials at such places. Once these materials are identified, they are removed before the actual work can commence at that place. In this way, safety and security of the workplace, and workers is ensured.


Asbestos is a life-threatening material that was banned in the year 2000. Surveys are conducted to ensure that commercial and residential places are free from this dangerous element. Depending on the structure, the type of the survey is determined. The safety and assurance it provides to the people and place make it a very essential activity.