Pros and cons of electric and gas water heaters

Tankless water heaters are used in different parts of the world to heat up water. These are broadly available in two categories, electric and gas. Well, it is necessary to note the Difference between these two types of heaters. Both have certain advantages and disadvantages.

Electric water heaters are easy to use. They ensure a constant flow of water all the time. Unlike gas heaters, the process involves no wastage of gas to keep the light burning. Besides, these heaters come with more safety features than the gas heaters. Electric heaters are more cost effective than the gas heaters. The reputed companies have developed energy-efficient electric water heaters. You can heat the water to the temperature you want. This eliminates the wastage of electricity. This is one of the key Difference of electric water heaters, as compared to gas heaters.

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However, electric heaters have certain drawbacks. The installation costs for electric water heaters is lower than the gas heaters. However, the running costs can go up in the long run. Moreover, having an electric supply is a pre-condition for running these devices. Besides, these heaters need more recovery time, as compared to gas heaters.

Gas water heaters have a number of advantages. The key advantage of these heaters is that they can operate even without electric supply. These heaters are more durable and involve low energy costs. These devices deliver cleaner water, as compared to electric heaters.

However, gas water heaters, too, have certain drawbacks. The installation process for these water heaters is complex and it involves higher initial costs.

Well, now you know the Difference between the electric and gas water heaters. You can make your decisions when you purchase these products, based on your requirements. Reach out to the online stores of the reputed brands and buy the tankless water heaters.