Roof Installation Ideas that Transform the Look of your Homes

Roofs are essential in protecting your homes from natural elements that can pose harm to your family. Not having the right kind of roof would mean defeating the purpose of the home as a whole. Most roofs can be pitched while others are made and installed according to the owner preferences. There are roof constructions ideas that can be done based on the following:

Types of Pitched Roofs

Roofs are generally built according to shape. Each kind of roof can be made from different materials, different designs and different ways:

  • Mansard – This is the kind of roof that allows you to have a spacious living spot within the roof spaces.
  • Hipped – A hip is considered as the joint that exists between the slopes of the roof that are adjacent to each other. Complex roofs are usually made with several number of hips.
  • Shed – In most roof constructions, the shed is the simplest shape emulating the curves of a slope. Most additions and extensions have shed-type of roofs.
  • Gabled – These kind roofs are having slopes that are built around the end of the wall usually in the shape of a triangle. The end wall itself is actually known as the gable.


Kinds of Gabled Roofs

Gable roofs are considered the most common type which can be in the following forms:

  • Steep gables – These are usually installed in areas that experience heaver snow fall. Usually, the gables are forms at 45 degrees steeper. This angle is useful in preventing the snow to settle on the roof.
  • Inverted gables – These may not be known to many as these are not advisable to be installed in annexes or even on main structures.
  • Asymmetrical gables – Gable roofs are not always built with equal sides. In most Varikatus, it is not common to install gable roofs where one is shorter than the other.

Roofing Materials

As mentioned earlier, roofs can be made from different materials:

  • Asphalt – This is the most usual material utilized during roof constructions. This is made with fiberglass and is impregnated with a sand-like surface and asphalt. There are two basic configurations that can be found in the market which are the standard variety of single-thickness and the laminated products that are usually thicker.
  • Wood – Wood has been the most preferred roof material for many centuries. Not just because it is ubiquitous but it generally adapts to most kinds of home designs. Roofs are split or sawn from redwood, southern pine, and cedar. Most builders would opt for wood roofing because they can last more than 25 years and yet the price is twice as much as other materials.


  • Metal – steel, asphalt with copper, lead and aluminum belong to this category of roofing material. Metals are expensive and yet are one of the most durable.
  • Slate – Most roof constructions or Varikatus prefer slate because thus us the most durable among all roofing materials available in the market.
  • Tile and cement – Mission styles and Spanish colonial homes are generally built with tile and cement roofing. They are known to be heavy, very durable and expensive.

Author Bio:

Thomas Henderson is a home construction consultant. His insights on home decoration and design has been emulated and infused into most homes aiming for sense of beauty and functionality.