Things to Know Before Hiring a Mortgage Broker

Though we usually read or hear many benefits of hiring mortgage brokers, even after that there are many things, which we don’t know pertaining to them. For example, there is little detail available on how much these brokers are paid for their services? Further, is it imperative for them to disclose such details with their clients or not? And whether they have experience of investing in property or not? This guide will assist you in answering such questions.

How Do They Get Paid?

This is the first question that might arise in your mind in case you are planning to hire a mortgage broker. You must know that as a borrower or client, you are not supposed to pay them. It is often claimed that a broker never charges any fee and you are not required to pay them. In case you are seeking services of Maureen Martin mortgage broker, it will not cost you anything.

Then Who Pays Them?

After knowing that you’ll not be required to pay the mortgage brokers for their services, the question popping up in your mind must be that who pays them? The answer to this question is that the bank pays these brokers for sourcing and researching the loan.

Brokers get paid in the form of a trail commission and an upfront commission i.e. two way payments. Herein, upfront commission predetermined proportion of loan amount, which is given as onetime payment. On the other hand, the trail commission is a small ongoing proportion of balance loan amount.

Should Brokers Disclose Their Payment Pattern?

Obviously your broker should be telling you about the amount of money, which you can make from the investment bought by you. A good broker gives you a list of the particular banks’ commission rates since these rates differ for every bank and a broker must disclose this commission.

Should a Broker Have Property Investing Experience?

It’s not important. However, in case you hire a broker having property experience that will be a plus point. This is because the brokers are investors themselves which implies that they have great knowledge and good understanding of structure as per your situation. They can assist you in achieving your prospective plans not only as borrower but also as investor like them.


In most of the cases, the brokers having investment background are knowledgeable about the suitable policies of every bank. Moreover, they have good knowledge of borrowing capacities pertaining to various lenders that can be helpful for you.

Why to Choose a Broker Over Bank?

Generally when you work with a mortgage broker, you get access to various banks. The hired broker is just like your personal assistant, who does all the home loan work for you, from sourcing to completing the paper work and even obtaining the suitable deal for you.

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