What Are Features and Benefits of Motorized Electric Cassette Blinds

Cassette blinds are an ideal home decoration accessory that helps in eliminating light and creating 100% blackout in a room. They are perfect for creating home cinema experience due to their ability to offer complete full darkness. Available in different styles, they complement the look and feel of every house.

The different types of cassette blinds

Cassette blinds are available in several different forms. Basic blinds are controlled using simple remotes, timers and wireless wall switches. To perform full house automation, you would even get advanced blind control methods. These blinds include Apple Home Kit, LUTRON Homeworks, Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

You may also get battery operated kassettruloo. These blinds offer the benefit of eliminating unsightly or running cables and also lowers the electricity cost incurred at the time of the installation.

Features of cassette blinds

  • Translucent fabrics that help in filtering the sunlight
  • Available in two different forms such as sheer and blackout
  • Blackout roller blinds enhance privacy and promote better sleep

Advantages of motorized blinds


This is the first and the foremost advantage of investing in a motorized blind. Motorizing blinds allows the user to automate a set of repetitive tasks. This adds comfort and convenience to the house owner. These blinds enable one to easily and remotely adjust window treatments by single touch of a button.

You can even schedule adjustments of blinds to automatically happen throughout the day. At Veepisar – akna- ja uksekatted, you will get finest range of premium quality window and door covers in several different styles, patterns, sizes and colors to complement your house décor.


The cordless-ness of the blinds makes them popular and highly preferred feature among buyers. Different forms of motorized blinds, such as roller blinds, draperies, solar blinds, and pleated blinds are cordless.

Firstly, it prevents any form of wire-based hazard to children and pets. Also, there are no strangling and choking risks associated with these fully chain and cord free blinds. This makes motorized blinds a safe and highly convenient method for family members and pets.

Energy Efficiency

Who doesn’t want to cut down on power consumption and utility bills? Installation of motorized blinds is indeed a great way to increase energy efficiency in home. These blinds can help you realize real savings on energy and money and create a pleasant home environment.

Things to consider when buying motorized blinds

Before arriving at a final decision, you need to ensure that you have evaluated the technical abilities of the chosen selected motor. This factor will influence speed, noise level and price of the blind.

Also, consider the warranty that the company is going to provide you on the blind. A complete warranty is a huge measure that shows that the company is confident of their product quality and provide you the necessary assistance at times of need.


To experience a cinema like feel at your own home, these blinds proves to be a beneficial investment. With all these benefits, it makes sense to switch from regular curtains to cassette blinds.

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