Why should you preferred rugs for floor?

A rug is one of the most attractive parts of decorative interior designs of home and offices. Rug is the best option to decorate your room. With the help of rug you can set all furniture on it. This type of carpet feels soft during the touch of your skin. Rug can help you to maintain the anchor of the furniture. During manufacture of rug, warmer and softer qualities are added in it. Rug is softer than carpet. This is used in living room and offices where the furniture is kept. It is available in low or high cost in market. You can buy it in easy premium. Rugs are available in various types and colors. Some people cover their whole floor with rugs. It decreases the noise in your home and offices.  Hard surface floor does not absorb noise while rugs absorb sound. From rug you can decorate your garden, bathroom and living room too. If you come after jogging, rug provides rest to your body and energy.

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Various types of rugs

  • Hand knotted rugs: These types of rugs are designed with traditional looks. Hand knotted rugs are made by knot process. This process takes a long time for completing as these rugs are made by hand.
  • Hand tufted rugs: These rugs are built in different ways by loom and foundation cloth. Tufting gun is used for giving design for handmade tufted rugs.
  • Hand hooked rugs: These rugs are also made by foundation cloth. For making hooked rugs, hook tools are used in it.
  • Programmed rugs: These types of rugs are also made by loom and foundation cloth but machines are used in the process of making this rug.