Wonderful Tips to Make Your Garden Bushfire-proof

You may be fortunate enough to have a beautiful home and even more fortunate to have a lovely garden around it.

Image Courtesy: amico.com.au

While you may have to protect your garden from common threats like pests and diseases, you may not consider another threat – it’s bushfire!

Expert gardeners Eastern Suburbs Sydney like Amico urge homeowners to prepare for potential bushfires, especially when it comes to their garden.

According to the experts, the first thing you should remember is that a fireproof plant doesn’t exist. Nevertheless, some plants do exist that are less prone to burning and they are known as Firewise plants.

Firewise plants can be identified by the following characteristics:

  • Fleshy, thick, leathery leaves
  • Thick milky sap
  • Leaves with a high salt content

Plants with these properties are usually difficult to burn.

There are also plant that are more prone to fire and they include most cypresses, most wattle varieties, olives, athel pines and most bamboos.

Trees like Eucalyptus have a significant power to regrow after severe bushfires; however, they are unable to retard fire because their leaves are full of volatile oils which make them vulnerable to fire.

The timber and leaves can blast due to heat and usually cause spot fires ahead of the main fire.

Image Courtesy: amico.com.au

Firewise Bushes

  • A very attractive firewise bush is XanthostemonFairhill Gold that grows about 3m tall and 2m wide and has bunches of golden yellow flowers almost all through the year.

This plant is tolerant to full sun or partial shade and thrives well in well-drained soil.

  • Lilly-pilly or Syzygiumpaniculatum hybrids are some of the best hedging bushes. They have dozens of hybrids but the most prominent varieties are Aussie Copper, Hinterland Gold, Syzygium Aussie Boomer, Bush Christmas, Select, Elegance and Copperhedge.

The parent of these hybrids i.e. Syzygiumpaniculatum grows naturally in the hills around Rockhampton and has creamy white flowers, green glossy leaves, colourful new growth and purple-rose berries.

  • Bird of Paradise or Strelitziareginae is an evergreen perennial with a height of about 2m and is grown for its eye-catching flowers that have orange petals and blue centre on long stems.
  • Native Fuchsia or Graptophyllumexcellsum is a very beautiful dry-scrub plant with a height of about 2m and produces lovely red fuchsia-like flowers.

It’s native across isolated parts of Central Queensland, even the Berserker Wilderness.

Firewise Groundcovers

  • Chinese Star Jasmine or Trachelospermumjasminoides is a beautiful groundcover plant but is a bit slow growing. It’s an evergreen climber with starry white, sweet-smelling flowers during summer.
  • Gazanias scandens comes in numerous colours and you can plant it as a wonderful colour mix or as a single colour to create a great view.

They bloom almost throughout the year, but slow down in winter. Silver Leaf Gazania is different than other Gazanias since its leaves have a very attractive silver/grey hue.

  • Silver Bush or Convoluluscneorum is a groundcover having silver leaves and offers unique masses of big white flowers that bloom during warmer environment.

It’s perfect for containers on patios and borders, and is an amazing specimen plant. Plus, it’s frost tolerant, and drought and salt hardy.

  • Lilly of the Nileis or Agapanthus orientalis are hardy flowering lilies that have large white or blue flowers during summer.

They are simple to grow and can bear various types of soils from sandy to heavy clay. You should remember that once they establish, they don’t need a lot of water.

With experts’ advice like Amico’s landscape gardeners Sydney you can grow a garden that is less prone to bushfire.

If you make your garden bushfire-ready with the above tips, you’ll get a great peace of mind that your garden and home are safe.